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It is of utmost importance to us that every client has a memorable experience at Stan Ahuja from beginning to end.

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handcrafted suit and tie material cutting

Once you've scheduled an appointment you can trust that you’re in capable hands. Your consultation starts with discussing your needs, preferences, wardrobe and so on. This process helps us focus on your specific situation as ensuring a superb fit is a critical part of our process.

This is something that will be unique to each client. To accomplish this, we go much deeper than a few token measurements. Our traditional measuring system is very detailed, allowing for extremely subtle adjustments to accommodate even the most challenging body types.

Every suit or shirt starts its journey as a notion - a design eager to be realized. The selected fabric swatches, shortlisted trimmings and measurements noted meticulously during the initial consultation all serve as the backbones of curation for what comes together in the final piece. Thereafter, customized patterns drafted from scratch must be carefully cut and painstakingly hand-stitched to construct the first silhouette of the garment.

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Your consultation starts with discussing your needs, preferences, wardrobe and so on.
It is at the Baste fit when the client can discern how his suit will feel and fall.
By the second fitting our master craftsmen sew the fabric into perfect contours, giving it shape and ascribing it a structured identity.
At the last trial, the suit in its immaculate form is accoutered with accessories that breathe life into the ensemble and the evolution is complete.
blue reference material reference materials held in hand

Fabric & Cloth Mills

The selection of the right fabric is the most crucial step while commissioning any custom garment since it doesn’t only determine the fall of the garment, but also its life. At SA, we have an extensive variety of high-quality English and Italian fabrics by Ermenegildo Zegna, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico and so on. We stock exquisite worsted wool in super 100’s to super 180’s in mohair, cashmere, the finest merino wool and linens that are suitable for various climates. These fabrics are ideal for suitings, blazers and trousers for business suits, as well as special occasions. For shirting's, we have some of the finest Egyptian and 100% cottons by MONTI, Thomas Mason, Loro Piana and Albini. We also stock shirting fabrics that are specially commissioned and are exclusive to SA.

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handcrafted suit and tie material cutting
blue reference material reference materials held in hand