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Our story

"We are passionate people inspired by travelling, art, gastronomy and deep conversations. We celebrate life everyday, which means feeling good on the inside and looking our best on the outside . We believe in the power of good manners and first impressions, as taught to us by our father. We hold dear his most important advice: Always maintain perfect presentation, treat everyone with respect and honesty, and never forget that the best business card is actually a handshake. Still living and doing business by these principles, we’re committed to producing hand-made clothing for men of style who’d like to show the world who they are and who they’re going to be. The perfect suit or shirt will give them the confidence to achieve this.”


„We believe that the modern man deserves a well-tailored suit that fits his body type perfectly. At SA, we seek to celebrate the craft of traditional tailoring through a bespoke process whilst providing unparalleled service in the name of affordable luxury. The bespoke process is a transformational experience, where each suit is hand cut and sewn together to create a unique and one of a kind garment. Paying tribute to craftsmanship and durable fashion, we believe that products which are made well and responsibly enrich both the lives of the artisans who make them, and the clients who wear them for years to come. This is of great importance to us. Faced with a world of fast fashion and disposable clothing, we espouse the following virtues: quality over quantity, craft over speed, and classical styling over trends."