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Just imagine a small loving Italian square where you can meet like-minded people. Get inspired by meaningful conversations, stunning outfits, and more.

The gastronomy and bar scenes have never been as exciting and colourful as present day in Budapest. We now have access to the most creative "workrooms", whether it be a dark and dreamy boutique bar hiding in a tiny alley, a rooftop bar with glorious views, or the mystical high-end hotel bars. But where are the most exciting bars in Budapest, which provide elegancy, style and quality at the same time? Where are the best bartenders, who mix the best Daiquiris, Cosmopolitans or Margharitas to deliver not only exceptional flavour but also get spiced for our mood?

1. Boutiq'Bar
The Boutiq'Bar is a real concept for the cocktail-fans. Their professionalism is not just well known amongst locals, but is recognised by international drinkers as well. It's not by coincidence that this bar managed by Zoltan Nagy got into the best 50 bars around the world in 2012 by the well-known Drinks International magazine, which is considered the Bartender's Bible. This bar uses seasonal ingredients and offers a gourmet experience. The internationally successful team provides the best, high-quality service for its guests. Only fresh vegetables, fruits and purees are used for the drinks, whilst they have around 300 different distillates on the counter, which is a gastronomical miracle itself.

2. Black Swan
The chicest bar in Budapest can be found on the corner of Klauzal street. Behind the velvet curtains we can find an exceptionally stylish interior, and an immersive, mystical atmosphere. There is nothing impossible in the Black Swan. They have at least 30 different variations of tequila, of which some are quite rare. The appetizers you can enjoy alongside your drinks include as oysters and lamb ribs.

3. BarSide
A real pearl in an underground environment. The Madach square is well-known as the central meeting point for the creative forces of the capital. BarSide has made its place within this milieu and is building a reputation of being unconventional. They offer a strong Old Fashioned and a spicy Mai Tai, but besides ordering drinks at their bar, you can buy professional bartendering materials, ingredients and personalised aprons in their shop.

4. Blue Fox
The Blue Fox is not just a new scene for the stylish, uptight, sitting-at-the-hotel's-bar ladies and gentlemen - they are open for all. The bar is not exclusive to the guests of this luxury hotel and accepts walk-ins too. They expertly maintain a high-quality experience. The Blue Fox also showcases this through the most provocative mixology to serve popular drinks such as Negroni and Moscow Mule.
The bar of the Kempinski Hotel does not just shine because of the flavours constructed using ingredients almost impossible to get anywhere else, but they innovatively present their drinks: one of our favourite cocktails, the Oblivion, is served in a handmade bottle formed using sugar on a lazy Saturday night!

5. WarmUp
WarmUp opens new doors in the world of cocktails. This place does not have a menu for guests to select their favourites. Instead you are asked to answer some tricky questions, after which a personalised cocktail will be served by the most professional and creative mixologists in town. Only high quality and rare ingredients are used and an example of their innovation is their use of cornflower to create new and interesting flavours. This little bar and their most delicious masterpieces can be found in the Nagy Diofa street and guests are able to observe the creative process, which is an extra fun factor.
At first glance, Sprezzatura seems like a very new, fresh trend to the laic eyes, but the use of this phrase stretches back to the 15th century. A renaissance writer named Baldassare Castiglione often used it and described it as "some kind of nonchalance, for which the goal is to hide all the wilfulness, as everything a man does should look very spontaneous and without any effort."
It's interesting that this effortless carelessness doesn't really fit into that time’s fashion. Therefore, perhaps the word "Sprezzatura" should not simply be used to describe a fashion trend because it also fits to describe a lifestyle, an attitude, or the playfulness that can be seen on the highest levels of elegancy but avoids any kind of effort. It is a form of artificial naturalism, which Is used by the greatest masters of streetstyle.

We can tell by the word Itself, that It's a popular tool of expression for the Italians. It describes the coolness and studied carelessness of style, the know-how of wearing matching pieces both in style and colour without looking like we are trying too hard. As the "carelessness" combines the mixture of different styles and trends, the sprezzatura can be found in sophistication and uniformity.

It's important to find balance and extent. For example, we cannot wear a bespoke suit with hiking boots, however a loose belt or tie is a more significant piece of this trend. An unbuttoned shirt, a colourful suit, or a high quality T-shirt with bespoke suit can be a hit too.

This trend and lifestyle doesn't have a universal ruleset, although we must keep few things in mind if we would like to follow it and preserve the "sprezzatura" feeling.

1. be striking/bold but not flashy
2. it's important to know the timing and place for sprezzatura
3. it doesn't mix styles, as sometimes less is more
4. you must wear it with confidence

If we have the basic pieces; a high-quality suit, shirts and leather shoes, we have what we need to experiment with this very modern and also classic trend to go against the conventional rules. The essence is the extent and the respect towards the style. If this is given, we just have to find the balance between coolness and neglect that suits us the best.
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